Everything banks and credit unions have on offer is designed only to serve their profit- driven agenda.  Banks want you in debt. They want you to grow that debt and to keep you in debt because it’s in their interest. Your home loan is just one product they want you to have. In addition to your mortgage they need to sell you more products to achieve their sales objectives.

The key ingredient required is your personal information i.e.: your name, address, age and gender. Without that information banks cannot analyse and profile you. Profiling customers is what banks do in order to sell you more products. Once they have your personal information ie name, address, age, and gender they are able to analyse you and build a profile of you based on your everyday life.

Profiling you, your spending habits and your lifestyle, gives the banks the information they need to create and design clever advertising campaigns to make you feel comfortable and confident about spending more of your money. The result is the growth of your debt.  This increased debt then grows profit; which the banks return to their sales staff and executives as performance bonuses for achieving sales targets.  Shareholders receive their share of these profits in the form of dividends... That’s a lot of people you’re helping.

Growing your debt base has a name. Marketing departments in banks call this program

‘wallet share’. That’s right, it’s your wallet and they want a greater share of it.


ALMO is an exclusive home loan consultancy specializing in mortgage debt retirement. Our vision and mission is solely devoted to help change the destiny of your mortgage and manipulate the outcome to suit you.

If you can imagine a better future, we have the ultimate home loan and system to save you thousands, years and yourself.

We don’t have shareholders, we won’t sell you additional products, we don’t have any wallet share programs and we don’t expose or share your personal information with marketing departments trying to entice you to buy more and more products to increase your debt.

A revolution usually confronts people with the truth, it shakes the very foundations of beliefs built over time. We are no different. We will challenge you and share with you why the singular pursuit of chasing the cheapest interest rate is flawed and how in doing it, you race right into the arms of a bank who will exploit your faith in them.

ALMO gives you an insight into how mortgage mathematics really works, including the industry and marketing techniques used to extract as much money from home-owners as possible and keep you in debt for longer.

Beyond that we will help you identify and re-shape your mortgage destiny.


Want to own your home ?
Want more out of your hard work ?
Want a plan individually designed with your dreams at the centre ?


As we are not a bank we cannot be compared with any lender as what we do is the complete opposite. If your focus is purely on interest rates, then we can’t help you. However, if you are serious and really want to pay off your home loan, know what you really desire, have the fortitude to take responsibility for yourself, are willing to place your dreams at the centre of your life, then ALMO is your answer.


As a private mortgage consultancy specializing in helping our clients become wealthy through the early retirement of home loan debt. We share and provide you with the “ know-how” to gain control over your mortgage, budgets and goals so YOU can get on with the really important things in life.


We aim to enhance your life. We do this by helping you map out and determine your personal mortgage objectives. We provide you with a superior home loan, and then empower you to better manage and control the outcome through the development of your personal mortgage map™.

If you are ready to take control, want to retire your home loan debt, save thousands, save years and save Yourself, then all you need do is call your local ALMO Consultant today and take the first steps towards personal financial freedom.

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