Getting started - Let’s Get Mortgage Fit™
Our unique three-step program is a revolutionary coaching system that helps clients understand the old way of lending and demonstrates the possibilities of creating a mortgage vision, mortgage map and mortgage plan for the future.

Step 1. Vision partnering.

In this first step we cover your mortgage past. We identify the opportunities and provide you with a tangible insight into how banks and other lenders operate. We will dispel math myths and how marketing is used to re-direct your attention. We then outline our company’s products and services, and demonstrate our difference. We help you identify what’s truly important and link your dreams and ambitions with your mortgage. We also discuss our process and delivery and give you an insight into how our service model will support you along the path to becoming Mortgage Fit.™

Step 2. Mortgage vision.

Everyone wants to pay off their home loan. Through a consultative process we can help you uncover what you truly want from your mortgage, including its early retirement and the incredible savings potential. We then outline the steps involved and give you a clear mortgage vision of what’s possible, ensuring you reach your goals.

Step 3. Mortgage map.

We all need a plan; we also need something tangible to refer to. ALMO helps you shape a distinct strategy to retire your debt in a timeframe that suits you. Your mortgage map is your reference point. It will contain your goal and what you are aiming for. It really is your map to becoming mortgage debt free.