ALMO HR Mission

To ensure that everyone directly involved in our activities is aligned with the ALMO vision, mission, ethics, values & standards.

ALMO People

A company is only as good as the people it attracts. At ALMO we attract the best people because we have a solid platform to build upon.

Our business, vision and mission strike a chord with all of our associates.

An ALMO consultant understands the process you are going through and is ready to show you a better way than slaving away making a profit for the bank.

ALMO People Fit

At ALMO, we choose our consultants not just on their qualifications and experience but because they have the personal qualities and attributes, which are embodied within our values and ethics. At ALMO, the right cultural fit with our associates is vital to our continued and shared success.

ALMO Compliance

All ALMO consultants have passed minimum standard entry tests. They are members of the Mortgage Industry Association Of Australia (MIAA) and Accredited Mortgage Consultants (AMCs) and are signatories to audited annual development programs.

Positions currently available

Victoria Metro

Mortgage Planner -Melbourne City
Mortgage Planner -Melbourne Bayside
Mortgage Planner -Melbourne West
Mortgage Planner -Melbourne East
Mortgage Planner -Melbourne North

Victoria Regional
Mortgage Planner -Ballarat
Mortgage Planner -Bendigo
Mortgage Planner -Geelong
Mortgage Planner -Hamilton
Mortgage Planner -Horsham
Mortgage Planner -Portland
Mortgage Planner -Warnambool

South Australia
Mortgage Planner -Mt Gambier