• Meet the architect and creator of the world’s first mortgage planning company
• Take a peak into our crystal ball and see the future in home-loan lending.
• Meet the future - Mortgage planners at work

Mortgage Clinic overview
1. The Product Trap - Learn how lenders want to keep you in debt
2. Redirecting your focus - Math Myths and Marketing spin
3. Discover what you TRULY want
4. Know your path - Knowledge dispels fear
5. Your Mortgage Map™ ‘Save Thousands - Save Years - Save Yourself’.
This powerful 40 minute presentation will give you the knowledge and tools to re-shape your mortgage and manipulate the outcome to suit you.

Mortgage Clinic Outcomes:
• Inspire you to re-imagine your future
• Understand the role of Mortgage Planners and how they
work for you.
• Learn how to save thousands, cut years off your
mortgage and own your home much sooner.

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ALMO | Corporate

Telephone +61 1300 722 656
GPO Box 395 Collins Street West | Melbourne VIC 8007 Australia
ABN: 41 211 883 097